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About Us

Panther Development Corporation was incorporated in 1990 to serve its clients in the field of design and construction management.

James Schwartz, President, has been in the construction business since 1972 and started the Panther Development Corporation in 1990 in order to serve his clients in the field of design and construction management. He works as an advocate for individuals and owners when doing business with developers, architects, engineers, municipalities and other vendors.

Panther Development Corporation has a proven track record and provides th enecessary expertise to benefit its clients. With Panther Development Corporation's vast experience and understanding of the construction industry, we have been able to save clients millions of dollars through value engineering and design techniques.

Whether you are looking for a new site location to develop, an exisitng structure to renovate, or just add on to an existing building, Jim can guide you with his year's of experience and knowledge.

In addition, Jim is a licensed realtor in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This is another dimension that provides clients with site selection, site feasibility, and finding the perfect location that meets their needs now and in the future.

Clients include food manufacturers, trucking and distribution, recreational, banking, and many other businesses.


Expertise In:

Project Management

Site Planning

Space Planning

Facilities Renovation